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About Linemanwear.com

My ideas for Lineman Wear have been forming and growing over the last 18 years when my husband first entered this trade.  I began to realize that him, along with many of his lineman co-workers and friends, are always in the market for creative, catchy, and unique lineman t-shirts and other items to proudly display their trade.  With the help of my husband and some of our friends in the trade, I have been able to start www.linemanwear.com, your source for unique lineman tshirts, lineman clothing and apparel. 


Our goal is to provide high quality products and services to linemen and their families.  Your satisfaction and happiness is our number one goal.  So if for any reason you are not satisfied with anything you purchase from www.linemanwear.com, we offer a full money back guarantee, minus shipping costs, on all of our items returned in new and unused condition.


www.linemanwear.com takes your privacy and the security of your personal information very seriously.  We never and will never share your information with any other individuals, organizations, or companies.

If for any reason you have any questions or concerns about ordering online, please email us at sales@linemanwear.com


Any attempt to alter or redistribute our material is in violation with our copyrights.  We will pursue all legal means to protect our material. 

All artwork is copyright, all rights reserved. Copyright LINEMAN WEAR 2012.